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Death Stranding on PC to use Denuvo

Death Stranding - Kojima Productions

Death Stranding on PC is coming, and aside from bringing BTs and Norman Reedus to a new platform, the pseudo-cooperative exploration game is also bringing something else that is unwanted. It turns out that Kojima Productions and 505 Games, who are collaborating on the port, are putting Denuvo DRM into the game. This particular DRM solution was once the bane of pirates across the globe, with a portent of doom for the cottage industry surrounding illegal software piracy in games.

Since then though, the Denuvo infamy has faded to some degree. And today the only reason such developments are even mildly notable is the blame surrounding DRM impact on performance. Many gamers have laid the blame on Denuvo and its excess CPU usage as a common problem, although at times it seems a bit misplaced for some games.

Death Stranding on PC will use the latest version of Denuvo, which will likely be cracked in mere weeks if not days. And eventually, it could be patched out in a year or two as the protection will likely be fully useless by then. This is pretty common practice with PC games using the software, as they are only really designed to protect the opening weeks of a PC game launch when sales are highest.

In addition to all of the vast and beautifully terrifying visuals getting a bump in fidelity on the PC, there will be some other interesting additions as well. The PC port of the Kojima game will also have a full photo mode, allowing the various adventures of your own Sam Porter Bridges to be immortalized for a good long while.

505 Games has yet to reveal the system requirements for Death Stranding on PC, but at least we have a release date.

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