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Check out new gameplay videos of V-Rally 4

V Rally 4 Hillclimb Trailer

V-Rally 4, the spiritual successor to the original PSX title from 1997 , has two new gameplay trailers courtesy of the publishers at Bigben Interactive.

As we wrote previously, V-Rally 4 puts a lot of focus on competitive and high-octane racing. But that’s not all the devs over at Kylotonn are bringing to the table. Per a new press release, a new pair of gameplay trailers showcase more aspects of the game, and the glorious driving and environmental simulation contained within.

The two newest trailers take gamers on a journey two to different continents, and two very different climates. As a result, the driving conditions on courses for these areas are much different when compared to one another. There will be all manner of weather effects and effluvial splatter playing across your cars as you race. And the rain, mud and dust you’ll have to contend with in this chaotic driving sim looks amazing.

The developers have spent a lot of time also making sure that all the road and track layouts make sense, including modeling real world road networks into the game to increase the immersion. All in all, it’s a pretty serious effort to push racing sims into a bold direction that does good by the older games in the franchise.

The game features multiple modes, as well as online racing, so there’s plenty fo fun to be had when the titles releases next month.

Here’s the full press release that we mentioned earlier:

Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games today released two new videos highlighting V-Rally 4‘s rally mode, as well as the special stage generator featured in the upcoming epic off-road game arriving this fall.

Get ready for an adrenaline rush in today’s gameplay videos, one taking place in the particularly humid conditions of Malaysia and the other in Kenya.
A rally is made up of several timed stages called “specials” that severely test a driver’s nerves. To be a successful rally driver, you need to love risk, be able to keep your head straight when going through tricky areas and have the ability to adapt when unexpected weather complicates matters. Your co-driver’s notes are often critical.

In V-Rally 4‘s rally mode, the highly varied environments of the specials require you to draw on all your driving skills. Speed through the breathtaking environments of Malaysia, Japan, Siberia, Kenya, Sequoia Park and Monument Valley! Pay attention to your co-driver’s notes displayed on the screen so you won’t be surprised by a tight bend!

Entire road networks have been created for the rally environments, with an impressive level of detail. In addition to the pre-defined specials, V-Rally 4 provides an even more unpredictable challenge through the specials generator. Just like rally organizers, the specials generator randomly opens and closes road intersections, which means there are hundreds of possible routes through each environment. Your route is not a collection of pre-defined roads and bends: it uses parts of the road network, and each special is different, with unique characteristics. That makes it rather difficult to learn the bends by heart. Once at the starting line, you’ll need to demonstrate courage and concentration!

Each discipline provides a unique driving experience so that V-Rally 4 racing fans can test their skills and learn new driving techniques. Your versatility will also come in handy in career mode, which takes drivers around the world.

V-Rally 4 will launch in September 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Check out the latest trailers down below.

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