Can you drive vehicles in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

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In the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, there’s a lot to learn. Dying Light 2 has a lot of new mechanics, owed to its much bigger map. This new game has changed a lot, and the game is very different. In the first Dying Light, vehicles were a part added in the later DLC. There’s a big shift this time to a more centralized means of moving around the map. Players will still find the vars scattered around though, so folks are curious. The question is, can you drive vehicles in Dying Light 2?

Can you drive vehicles in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

As of this writing, there are no vehicles in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, aside from the burned-out husks. It’s a post-apocalyptic setting after all. You will see plenty of buses and cars scattered around each zone. There’s also a bunch of metro stations you will find. Keep those in mind, they will be important later. So no, you can’t drive vehicles in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck running around on foot.

A much bigger element of traveling around the game world is to unlock the fast travel system. Each zone in the game has Metro Stations in it, these are the underpinning of fast travel in the game. And sure, you could easily just avoid them and run around, but the metros save a ton of time. You will need to scout them out, and then clear them enough to turn on the power. When you flip the switch at the station, it gets added to the network. Doing this is vital for getting around the game much faster. It’s probably one of the more important story unlocks.

There are other random story unlocks you want to get as well. Things like the UV Flashlight is one of these. This item is helpful for stunning zombies when you encounter them, enabling you to flee. To unlock the UV flashlight, all you need to do is keep playing through the main story missions. You will be given one during the mission “Welcome on Board.” The UV flashlight is one of Dying Light 2’s six Nightrunner tools. These items never break and don’t need to be repaired, It’s a very useful thing to have.

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It’s also worth noting that future DLC might change all this. While Dying Light 2 doesn’t have any vehicles right now, it could in a future update.

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