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BPA screws up and drops SOV in Catch [UPDATED]

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The Black Pearl Alliance, which caused quite a stir a few months ago in HERO coalition. Wherein it was involved in a dispute between IG, BRAVE, and PL over multiple issues. Which led to IG being ejected from BRAVE.and attempting to join BPA.

Now it seems that BPA may have been either reorganizing, or planning to join another SOV holding entity altogether, although they made a major mistake.

It is alleged that BPA were transferring SOV to BRAVE, although this remains unconfirmed.

According to dotlan, Black Pearl Alliance has dropped SOV that they were transferring. Against All Authorities has already found out about this, and they have started to online multiple TCU’s. Y-PNRL‘s station is already controlled by Against All Authorities, so its pretty interesting to see how things are going to develop!


HERO has stepped up and engaged -A- and other RUS allainces in the system of 6BPS-T.  This appears to be the first of the TCU timers coming to fruition after -A- onlined TCUs earlier when they interrupted the BPA SOV transfer of the 3 systems held by BPA.

6BPS-T is the primary supercap production system of BPA.  Which has in the past sold supercapitals in exchange for relations and even protection from some larger Nullsec entities.


HERO, PL AND RUS engaged in conflicts across multiple systems of HERO and BPA SOV.

It appears as though PL engaged HERO forces and did some significant damage, then engaged the remainder of RUS.

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