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Sea of Thieves announces holiday event and full tutorial

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has long had a problem with one area in particular. Sure, the open-world sea game is pretty accessible, but that doesn’t mean new players can immediately find their way around and get stuck into the complex quest lines, various factions and other deeper mechanics. So when Rare and Microsoft teased that future updates would be improving accessibility, everyone guessed it meant a more refined new player experience. And it looks like that speculation was right, as a while back the developers confirmed that a tutorial was coming to the game.

With the new patch, comes a whole host of content refreshes and new content too. For starters, a bunch of older content is getting tweaked. The Black Market and Pirate Emporium will be getting a full stock rework. Players will be able to select from new stock entirely, including a bunch of brand new themed cosmetics. And yes, Rare is packing in the bug fixes as well. But the biggest changes come from the brand new content being added in this patch.

In addition to the new tutorial though, there’s also a ton of new locales to explore. Old Sailor Isle is one of these. This new remote island is sat on the precipice of The Devil’s Shroud, and getting to the new location is part of an expanded quest line in the new update. Players must take on a quest from the Pirate Lord to sail to the lost island, hunting treasure and battling the undead upon the way.

The Gold Hoarders Trading Company, along with other factions in Sea of Thieves, will get some new content this patch. The biggest new addon this patch is a new in-game event called “Festival of Giving,” in said new event players will be able to take on a stable of new fetch quests, with a goal to hunt down ghoulish gifts scattered across the map. Crews will encounter a wide array of holiday-themed skeletons in redecorated forts and ghost ships, rob them blind to get some festive new threads for you and your ship.

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Sea of Thieves is now available on PC and Xbox One. The game is also on Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Sea of Thieves site

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