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Battlefield V open beta coming in September

Battlefield V Reveal

A recent post on the official Battlefield website revealed something that has gamers very excited. The post is a technical review of the games Alpha testing phase, and it’s very interesting. DICE talked candidly about issues with matchmaking, overall performance and other aspects of the game. Through the insights gained during testing, the devs have been able to address many of these concerns and more by paying attention to player feedback and internal analytics and tools. This comprises one of those rare transparent looks behind-the-scenes that I wish gaming had more of.

There’s another cool little snippet of data in this post that I found very insightful. A set of heatmaps that showed player paths in certain scenarios was included by DICE. The first map shows where the majority of the action took place during place during Breakthrough matches. The second heat map draws from data gleaned during Airborne matches.

It’s fascinating to see just how players react under pressure, as well as how developers react and change things to keep the game interesting. DICE has said they will adjust gameplay aspects as time goes on to keep pathing from becoming too static and predictable.

But aside from the post’s content in regards to the Alpha, DICE teased an even more exciting tidbit, that an open Beta test is coming September.

According to DICE’s Alexander Hassoon, the studio is showing off a revised build to Gamescom in August. Following that, the game will enter an open beta period “in early September.”

September is shaping up to be an amazing month for gamers. Aside from the Battlefield V Beta, there’s some new content coming to Final Fantasy XIV.

Battlefield V releases for all modern platforms on October 16.

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