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‘Disgaea’ for Mobile gets its first trailer

NIS releases Disgaea mobile trailer

Nippon Ichi Software(NIS) and ForwardWorks have released a new trailer for Disgaea for Mobile that shows what the latest RPG from NIS will look like.

Disgaea for Mobile is the first mobile offering from NIS that’s a full game, and is exclusive to Japan. The game will be a collect-a-character Gacha game with heavy RPG elements, and it will be free to play. The company did release a mobile port of the PS3 version of Makai Wars in this year, but not much else for mobile devices. So it’s good to see something new from the company since they announced the transition into mobile gaming in 2015.

NIS has been around in Japan since 1993 in one form or another, before expanding into US markets in 2003. During that time, the company produced some classic JRPG and Strategy titles like Disgaea and Marl Kingdom. Since those initial releases, NIS has become prolific as a developer of strategy RPGs, releasing dozens of games over the years. So in other words, the pedigree is well established for both RPGs and the franchise in question in terms of NIS making a good game.

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