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Leaked Alpha Footage of Star Wars: Battlefront


Yesterday, a Youtube user leaked an unedited 10-minute video showing off Star Wars:Battlefront in it’s current alpha test. The footage shows off the game’s Hoth map within the gamemode “Walker Assault on Hoth”. The 20v20 gamemode is a central piece of the maps mechanics and marketing as it’s the biggest playercount in the game currently.

The PC alpha has been running since July 2015, and it’s a small wonder that footage hasn’t widely leaked before now. Although an attempt to leak footage then was quickly put down. So expect this footage to be taken down before too long.

Star Wars Battlefront is due to launch Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One and will have an open multiplayer beta on all platforms next month. It will feature Walker Assault, as well as “Drop Zone,” a kind of King-of-the-Hill mode set on Tatooine.

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