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BDO Awakening Skills get new Trailer


Pearl Abyss has announced an expansion of the existing Awakening system in BDO. The new feature is called Rahm’s Enlightenment, and it’s a skill enhancement system that basically works as a second awakening. Pearl Abyss released a brand new trailer for its MMORPG Black Desert Online, showing the new feature on the Korean servers. 

Each class is given three skills for their non-awakened weapon, one of those is designated as a main skill, and the others as secondaries. Players can combine each of the two secondary skills with the main to create an enhanced version that stands on par with awakening skills.

This system is not yet available in the North American and European servers, but as usual it should come down the line, in a few months. BDO has been the subject of a constant stream of updates and new classes over the last few months, like the Striker and Dark Knight. I can’t wait to see what else is in store. Here’s a trailer for the striker.

As for who gets to experience the greatness that is BDO, right now it’s just those PC users. at E3 this year, it was announced that Black Desert Online is heading to the Xbox One and One X. Pearl Abyss also confirmed that the game will launch for the PS4 family of consoles as well, but no info has been given as to when the version will be released.

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