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An SSD with biometrics is coming from Samsung, the T7 Touch SSD

Samsung T7 Touch SSD

Samsung has just kicked off a series of intriguing new announcement coming out of CES 2020. Their latest is a bit strange, it’s the Portable T7 Touch SSD. The interesting thing about this new product is that it’s a SSD with full fingerprint recognition. As an increased security measure, it’s a somewhat strange choice. The devices will come in three capacities, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. Speeds are pretty standard, with a read speed of around 1,050MB per second and a write speed of around 1,000MB per second. Prices for these will range from around $130 to $400. The 500GB will retail for $129.99, the 1TB is $229.99, and the 2TB is $399.99. These are all set to debut this summer, sometime in Q2 2020.

Dr. Mike Mang, vice president of Brand Product Biz Team for Samsung Electronics, explained the idea and the justification in more detail saying, that the combination of “industry-leading transfer speeds” and “fingerprint recognition,” will allow for increased hardware security. The company reckons that in this age of increased  physical and digital threats to data, more security is a good thing. It will be interesting to see if Samsung intends to aim this at the enterprise space by rolling out support to integrate the biometrics with a wider security. Possibly including software solutions for widespread credential management would be useful there.

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Samsung is one of many different technology companies and manufacturers with interesting reveals this week. Sure, a SSD with a fingerprint reader doesn’t sound cool to some, but for those obsessed with biometric security, it sounds awesome. Samsung being a leader in memory production and innovations is also a good sign, perhaps other products are on the horizon.

Speaking of those other companies, Dell and Alienware unveiled a new gaming tablet, dubbed the UFO Concept. And it looks suspiciously similar to a Nintendo Switch. AMD also revealed its new Ryzen 7 4000 series CPUs.

To get more information on the T7 Touch SSD, be sure to check out the official Samsung page.

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