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New trailer shows how co-op works in Far Cry 5


As soon as you complete Far Cry 5’s tutorial, you can play the open-world shooter co-op online with a friend, Ubisoft has said.

You can play through the entire campaign in co-op. Your Friend for Hire appears as a custom player character and can fight alongside you throughout the game, dropping in and out with full voice-chat support. The one drawback is that only the person hosting the session can accept missions or control the flow of gameplay.

You can share ammo and health packs, and can even turn on friendly fire if you fancy living dangerously. Although the game will keep you closer together by teleporting players around if they wander too far.

And a new trailer shows off the vehicular variety on offer in your fight against the evil cult of religious nuts. Everything from quad-bikes to bi-planes will be part of your arsenal in Far Cry 5. On February 27, 2018 Far Cry 5 will begin it’s quest against the cult.

“To help players in their mission to take down the cult, the host player will still be able to recruit ‘Guns For Hire’ or ‘Fangs for Hire’ keeping in mind that you can have up to two buddies, with one being another player, join you in your squad,” says Ubisoft in a statement. “Far Cry 5 ‘Friends For Hire’ two-player co-op will allow players to explore Hope County and take down the Project at Eden’s Gate in a surprising and chaotic new fashion expanding the possibility of the game’s open world.”

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