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Alien: Isolation is coming to iOS and Android on December 16

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is quite an incredible horror game. By blending the incredibly ominous setting of the Alien franchise and a masterful use of tone and AI, things get scary very quickly. It dominated on consoles and PC, finding a core audience who enjoy dodging Xenomorphs and trying not to get their guts ripped out. And now, we’re getting a mobile port for both IOS and Android phones. The port is set to come out on December 16, via the Play Store on Android, or the App Store via IOS.

Feral Interactive, a studio best known for mobile ports, is behind the port. The mobile port will run around $14.99/ £12.99, and gets all 7 pieces of DLC for the game. That way, you don’t need to get your wallet too drained by buying extra content. That’s good, as paying more for DLC on a port like this sucks. According to the announcement, players will get a tailored experience that works best on a touchscreen.

The developer described the game as the “complete Alien: Isolation experience, bringing its stunning AAA visuals and every moment of hair-raising, heart-pounding horror to phones and tablets – complete with a fully customizable touch interface [and] controller support.” That inclusion of controller support should help other users enjoy the experience if they don’t like touchscreens. That should help anyone whose having trouble with those controls. Some players tend to view mobile gaming as inferior, so this port should help break that notion.

The company also released a full trailer showing off the game, check that out below.

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