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RvB fleet event draws in over 300 pilots into massive fight in 9UY4-H and Y-MPWL

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A major battle in 9UY4-H  involved more than 300 pilots as a part of the RvB event in the system.

Provi camped the gate in a armor T3 fleet with T2 Logi support. As soon as the HERO Eagle fleet (supported by a bomber and ewar fleet) jumped into system provi brought in triage. HERO took heavy logi losses and had to reposition. As soon as HERO warped off rvb ganked entered the field with an arty abaddon fleet supported by T2 logi.

HERO warped back in and at range to the abaddon fleet and all fleets started brawling against each other, with a focus from HERO and RVB on the Provi T3s and triage. Provi extracted shortly after that after they started losing logi and hics.

HERO and RVB brawled the rest of the fight out against each other, where HERO had the upper hand, after burning out of webrange and clearing enough abaddons to tank their alpha.
RVB stayed until they started losing Battleships without the damage to break anything on the HERO side. HERO then started to chase the RVB fleet and caught some in Y-M on the Kari gate.

The CFC Bomber wing of 26 pilots had attempted to cash in on the confusion and get off bombing runs on the other fleets.  Their tactics were somehwta effective, getting on 30+ kills on HERO, RVB, and Provi.

The battle eventually spilled over into Y-MPWL where the various fleets had tried to disengage.  This led to a much smaller skirmish on the gates of the system and led to several billion in losses added on to the total.

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