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September 2020 Community Day in Pokémon Go Details

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The September 2020 Community Day in Pokémon Go is almost here. As the month winds down, Niantic is preparing to bring a new stable of monthly events to the mobile game. The September and October Community Day votes have begun, as the players get to choose what new spotlights happen during these months.

The results have been tallied, and it’s a pretty clear winner this time around. Niantic will take these results and use them to inform the order of the Community Day events for the next couple of months. The players got to choose the spotlighted Pokémon for the Community Day celebrations from four choices: Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer, and Porygon.

55 percent of votes went to Porygon, with the Gen 1 monster getting the first run in the next stable of events. Charmander came in behind him with around 37 percent, the other two didn’t stand a chance. Both Grimer and Caterpie got around 4 percent.

When is the September Community Day in Pokémon Go?

Porygon’s September Community Day begins on September 20, running from 11 AM to 5 PM in your timezone. That six-hour window means that players can capture as many of the spotlighted monster as they wish, all with boosted CP scores, as well as an increased chance of being shiny. he shiny version does not have a higher boost to its stats though, be aware of that.

If you manage to evolve any Porygon caught during the September 2020 Community Day in Pokémon Go, they will change into Porygon-Z. And there is a good reason for doing this. Porygon-Z during the event will learn the exclusive move, Tri-Attack. You need to get an Elite TM to teach it to them though. Expect Niantic to add some research goals into the event for getting this.

The event will also come with an exclusive Community Day research goal so that those that wish to pay-to-play can get in on it. Details about the research will be available closer to the Community Day.

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