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Agony release date announced in new trailer

Horror Game Agony

Agony, the horror game that’s so edgy it needs an “uncensored” patch, is coming out on May 29.

Since the initial reveal on Kickstarter in 2016, Agony has been making waves in the video game industry for a lot of reasons. And now the developer has finally revealed when that have of hype will come crashing down. In a new announcement trailer from Madmind Studios, gamers are being put through Hell, and their journey starts on May 29.

The gruesome locales and visuals mixed with the hypersexualized themes and other imagery to create quite a horrifying underlying message in this new trailer. I’m definitely getting a vibe of death and rebirth from this game, and Agaony isn’t going to be the typical way of telling a redemption story.

Mechanically, it looks as though a lot of the focus on gameplay will revolve around stealth. You’re not some Doom Guy badass who mows down demons by the legion, you’ll need to avoid danger to survive. Although, that’s the impression given by the marketing, so the final product could be entirely different, we won’t know until release.

I’m just hoping that for all the shock and edginess, we actually get a competent and interesting narrative. And given that some members of the team behind Agony have experience on other titles like Tom Clancy’s The Division and Wither 3: Wild Hunt, the game should be in good hands.

Agony will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 29, 2018.

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