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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw announced, coming Q1 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Double Damage Games has announced their newest game. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the newest game in the Rebel Galaxy series. And I’m really excited.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a prequel, set 34 years prior to the first game, and will take place in a series of star systems closer to Earth. Players are now in control of Juno Marlev, who some may remember from the first game. And judging from this trailer, it’s turning all dials up to 11 in terms of action and storytelling.

Travis Baldree, Co-Founder of Double Damage Games, described this title as the most ambitious title the studio has ever done. He stated:

“We took what worked from the last title, and then went a little crazy. It’s got a stronger focus on story and place, a huge jump in detail, and while it still works great for folks with a HOTAS at home, I think we’ve managed to make space combat accessible and fun for everybody else in a way that nobody has managed before. We’ve got a lot more to share in the months ahead”

I spent a fair bit of time prowling the depths of space in Rebel Galaxy, and doing everything from hunting pirates to mining asteroids was all really fun. And since Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will feature tons of new content and set dressing like music, as well as an improved and more over-the-top combat engine, this new game will get at least an equal amount of attention from me. So if you’re also a fan of the first game and its open-ended quest and exploration structure, this latest game may be your dream come true.

If you haven’t seen the first game before, go see our review.

The developers are aiming for a Q1 2019 release window on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Check out the super-stylish trailer for the game down below.

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