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Ace Combat 7 teases second DLC, ADF-01 FALKEN

Ace Combat 7 teases second DLC, ADF-01 FALKEN

Bandai Namco has just dropped the latest trailer for the new pack of DLC coming to their excellent flight simulator and action game, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

The ADF-01, otherwise known as the Falken isn’t a real plane, but it’s really sweet nonetheless. And though purists who want to pilot a MiG-31-B, Typhoon, legendary FA-18 or the Saab Gripen E have the option, Bandai Namco wants to offer a bit of fantasy wish fulfillment with insanely advanced planes.

The newest DLC pack will introduce a new plane that takes that premise to crazy new heights as well. Say hello to the ADF-01 Falken. This monstrosity packs so much advanced weaponry, radar and tracking systems into one package that it’s a wonder the thing flies. These combinations make the Falken one of the most advanced and deadly multi-role planes in the game.

The Falken joins the ADF-11F Raven, a similarly-armed and equally deadly aircraft that reaches some pretty absurd levels of destructive power.

For weaponry, it features a Four Target Air to Air Missile (4AAM), yes that’s a homing missile system that can track and destroy four targets per shot. Then there’s the Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb (FAEB). A pack of ordinance so destructive that it might as well be labeled “screw you and everyone within five miles of you”.

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And if you want to get even more into the realms of nonsense, there’s the The Tactical Laser System (TLS). This beam weapon can literally knock out any target with a single shot, just don’t ask how it’s powered. The TLS has no homing capabilities, so it does require some skill to use effectively.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is out now for PS4, xbox One and PC.

Along with the advanced new plane, the DLC also includes seven skins and four emblems. Fans who bought into the Season Pass get this whole package for free though. The package can be purchased individually too, if you want that option.

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