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World of Tanks finally getting a retail release

World of Tanks Collectors Edition Retail Release

World of Tanks, the iconic free-to-play tank battling simulator is getting a retail release across Europe this month.

But it’s not just any physical release, Wargaming has partnered with a multitude of companies, and even a Swedish metal band, to produce branded content of various types. These items are bundled together into a a physical Collector’s Edition for your consumption. There’s a lot here, things like a gaming mouse and keyboard, a 1/32 scale replica of the Tiger 131, a WoT art book, blueprints and lithographs, and a keychain.

The Collector’s Edition also includes a batch of in-game goodies and powerups to give you an advantage over the competition. Those who buyin will get a Tier VI Tiger 131, 3 Garage slots, a 100% trained Crew, 10 Large Repair Kits, 10 Large First Aid Kits, 10 Automatic Fire Extinguishers, 10 Chocolates, 30 days of Premium and 1,000,000 in-game Credits

In addition to the Collector’s Edition, the team partnered with Cobi and Swedish metal band Sabaton to produce a 675-piece tank model themed after Sabaton’s music. The model is the Primo Victoria, a tank named after one of Sabaton’s songs.

The following goodies are included with the Sabaton set:

  • The tank, emblem and inscription stickers from the game
  • In-game bonus and invite codes
  • Special edition for this set includes five figurines representing the members of the band
  • The Sabaton Primo Victoria will be available from the Cobi online store and throughout European retailers
  • Only a limited number of the special edition sets are being produced
  • Certificate of authenticity
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he Collector’s Edition is set to be released on October 19 for €159.99 and is available in the Wargaming Store to ship everywhere in Europe.

Here’s the official announcement from Wargaming:

A new collection of World of Tanks merchandise is coming soon, from branded gaming peripherals to the limited Collector’s Edition featuring a whole heap of real-life and in-game items.

A new collection of branded World of Tanks PC peripherals is coming later this month, featuring: 2 headsets, 2 keyboards, 4 mice and 2 mousepads. Each product comes with in-game bonuses for both new and existing players, perfect to start the World of Tanks journey or bolster the arsenal.

All of the peripherals are well-crafted by Konix allowing players to get even closer to that authentic tank combat action. They are a must-have for any tanking enthusiast! Each peripheral features in-game bonuses including one of three tanks (T-127, Churchill III or Excelsior), a Garage slot, as well as Premium days for new players and extra Premium days for existing players.

All the products can be found in the Wargaming Store, across your favorite shops and online all over Europe from October 22nd.

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