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EVE Online announces new AIR NPE as new tutorial

EVE Online announces new AIR NPE

CCP has announced a wave of new changes coming to EVE Online in the next few months. A new system that revamps the New Player Experience (NPE) will be rolled out soon. The new idea, called AIR NPE, will bring out a new story element for New Eden. CCP also plans to introduce a bunch of new features to support this revamped tutorial.

“In September, the AIR New Player Experience (or AIR NPE) will launch with its first chapter, marking the beginning of a new journey into EVE Online,” said developer CCP in a new Dev Blog.

Part of this new AIR NPE will be focused on narrative-driven gameplay. EVE is all about player stories, and will allow players to become immersed in that style of play right away. CCP also promises to be better about faster iteration on content as well. Changes and updates to the NPE have been a slow thing lately, so this is great to hear.

Other elements include a more robust suite of visuals for the NPE. New gamers to New Eden will get to see new environments that CCP has crafted for many different scenarios. New PvP and PvE settings will be part of this change as well. The goal is to allow the world of the MMO to come alive like never before. Some of these new visual elements include revamped ship effects and skins, as well as new environmental art.

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The AIR NPE will roll out over the next few months and likely take many forms. So far, CCP has been kind of tight-lipped about this plan, but we know the focus on making training and gameplay access easier is a core element. Skill Plans are now being integrated into the game to facilitate that. AI trainer Aura will once again return, and direct players towards various crucial mechanics in EVE, as players learn about them.

What that comes out looking like will be seen when it comes to the live server. The test server has a rough version of the AIR NPE up now, go check it out.

Source: CCP

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