How to increase Psytatium Limit in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Will Release in 2019

There are many different upgrades in Psychonauts 2. The game has upgrades for jumping distance and speed, as well as storage space. That last one is pretty important. There are many different items you can find in the various Minds in the game’s story. Psytatium is actually one of the more important ones. You need to unlock and improve the psychic abilities that Raz has as the game goes on.

The Psytatium Limit in Psychonauts 2 is key for players to unlock certain things. The more Psytatium you have, the more upgrades you can buy. The first amount at the beginning of the game is only 100, and you should upgrade it ASAP.  The first upgrade you unlock allows you to jump up pretty far. You can upgrade from 100 to 1000 Psytatium with the first upgrade.

Head into the Otto-Matic menu and read through the upgrades. You can buy the first one for 75 of the resources. Players can further upgrade Raz’s storage capacity by buying the Astral Purse Upgrade for 750 Psytatium, increasing their Psytatium limit from 1000 to 10000.

This is pretty pricey, as it takes a ton of time to amass that much of these items. We recommend grabbing the first Psytatium upgrade as soon as possible and then holding onto it. You won’t hit the cap on that first upgrade for some time. Look for some of the Pins that offer more powerful abilities for a start. Since the next storage upgrade costs 750, spend that money on other improvements first, then come back if you’re playing long-term.

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Some of the other upgrades include things unlocked via the Figments and other hidden items. So get out there and find some cool secrets to make things more fun in the mental gymnasium that is Double Fine’s new game.

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