How to complete the RankLife challenge in BitLife

How to complete the rankLife Challenge in BitLife

The weekend has arrived, and a new BitLife challenge has come with it. For the next four days, you have to get the steps done to get a unique reward. Once the challenge runs out, there are no more chances to finish the challenge. Sometimes the devs will use these to tie into fiction or pop culture. Other times, they decide to use the challenge to promote new apps or games. The latter is the case for this particular weekend. Here’s a guide on what to do.

The challenge last week was much more intense, with the Gilmore Challenge involving having to be a journalist and a scorned lover.

How to complete the RankLife challenge in BitLife

These are all of the tasks you must do to complete the rankLife Challenge in the game before time runs out.

  • Try and download the rankLife game

This week is incredibly easy, as it’s all just one step. You only need to download the new app that CandyWriter has put out, called Ranklife. This new voting app is apparently a way for the devs to gauge what fans want for the game.

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Just open up the challenge tab in-game to get the link. Clicking it on will open up a link to the relevant app store. This is the easiest you can possibly make these challenges. Clicking the link will take you to the Play Store or to the Apple App Store. The store will then ask you to download a new app. Make sure to use the in-game link to be able to get credit. If you just download the game via the app stores, you won’t be able to get credit.

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