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Street Fighter V adds Sagat and G today

Street Fighter V Sagat and G

Capcom has released the latest batch of characters for Street Fighter V, welcome G and Sagat to the brawl. Capcom also released a pair of gameplay videos for the two new additions as well. We get to see plenty of their moves and abilities, so check those out to see if these new roster additions are for you.

Each video is narrated by Community & Esports Manager Matt Edwards, and not only we see plenty of gameplay, but we also get an explanation of how Sagat and G play, what they’re good at, and why you may want to main either of them.

G is the brand new character to the franchise, and brings a new style to combat in the popular fighting games. G has a Pesidentiality ability that allows him to deliver increasing levels of damage to his opponent as he the fight goes on. Although the level of his ability decreases if he gets knocked down.

G also has a special move called “Message to the People” that allows him to gain EX meter while pausing the fight, although it leaves him very vulnerable to a counter. So this taunt is much more useful when your opponent is down or stunned.

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is currently available for PS4 and PC. Both characters can be snapped up from today for $5.99/100,000 Fight Money, or come packaged with the $29.99 Season 3 character pass. Check out the various gameplay and character intro trailer for these two down below.

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