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11bit Studios releases Frostpunk update – People and Automatons


11 bit studios has pushed out another new update as part of the planned update roadmap for their frozen city-builder Frostpunk.

The newest free update to Frostpunk is called People and Automatons, it represents the 1.1.2 patch for the game, and there’s a lot here, so let’s dig in.

The first major addition with this patch is that players now have much more control over their cities. You can now change the names of your people and automatons. This feature not only allows you to dive deeper into the in-game world, but will also help you while managing your city, mostly because you can now easily find troublemakers and important characters at a glance.

Visuals have been overhauled as well. One example is that multiple buildings now have different visual states. This serves to make cities look more diverse and less static as they grow in size. Hunter Airships, Hunters’ Huts, Gathering Posts, Outposts and Workshops have all been given this treatment.

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The patch also adds in a bunch of bug fixes and performance optimizations. Overall, player experience has been greatly improved with this update. The game has also had its code optimized for use with Intel NUCs and a few other pieces of network equipment. This means multiplayer should be a bit smoother for players with affected hardware.

Frostpunk is available now on PC. Check out the trailer for the People and Automatons update down below.


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