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Stellaris: Distant Stars story DLC is coming soon

Stellaris Distant Stars Feature Breakdown

At PDXCON 2018 Paradox announced that the latest Stellaris story pack, Stellaris: Distant Stars, will release next week on 22 May. Here’s a quick reminder of what to expect and below you can watch a feature break-down video ahead of next week’s release.

The DLC will cost $9.99. They include 50 new anomalies, lots of new systems to explore, and three new leviathans. Two of those leviathans will function similarly to the space dragons from previous expansions, but the third will be “quite different”.

The addon also includes a new system of stars called the L-Cluster, something the devs are being very tight-lipped about

Stellaris: Distant Stars adds unique solar systems and a mysterious sealed off constellation entirely removed from our galaxy. There is no telling what you and your crew will discover, but one thing is for sure, you’re a long way from home now.

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