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rhythmic dungeon crawler Soundfall has a slick new trailer

Soundfall announced

Drastic Games was formed by former developers from Epic Games to take advantage of the experience gained from working on insanely popular titles like Fortnite. The fruits of that labor are now apparent, as we’ve got the first trailer for a music-driven action game, Soundfall.

Soundfall will contain a “lively mix of twin-stick shooting and rhythm-based gameplay.” The game will also feature both online and local four-player co-operative gameplay. Players take control of the hero, Melody, whose been transported to the musical fantasy land of Symphonia Tron-style. As Melody blasts her way around, you’ll unlock various gear and upgrades that will make the randomized dungeons and other challenges a bit easier to tackle.

One of the interesting ways that the game ties into the musical element is to sync all of the gameplay mechanics to the beat of the music playing. All of the levels, loot, enemies and even environments will react in real-time to the dynamic changes going on around the player, adding to the challenge presented in Soundfall.

Soundfall will release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2019. The game will have a demo on the floor at multiple gaming conventions like PAX West, EGX, and PAX Australia. So attendees of those cons can get a peek before everyone else if they want. Check out the debut trailer down below.

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