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Stellaris: Console Edition drops this February for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Stellaris: Console Edition

Tantalus Media and Paradox Interactive have announced more details, including the release date, for Stellaris: Console Edition.

And in case you were wondering, we now know for sure what content will be included in this version on launch. This console port developed by Tantalus Media will be roughly akin to the 1.7 PC version, otherwise known as the “Bradbury” patch. This means that the gameplay will be drastically different compared to the PC release. Gone will be the 2.0 and 2.2 changes to Unity, Resources, population management and more. Basically it’s a direct continuation of the 1.6 branch which was introduced with the Utopia expansion.

Paradox has also unveiled multiple versions of the console port, depending on how much you want to spend and what content you want. The base game for either the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retails for $39.99. There’s also a Deluxe Edition is available for $59.99 which will include the Plantoids Species Pack, Leviathans Story Pack, and the Utopia Expansion when they release later on in the year.

No word yet on when or if more modern patches and expansions will make the jump to consoles, although it will probably many months for that to happen if it does. For now we can just hope that Tantalus managed to recreate such a complex game on a console without compromising the gameplay experience too much.

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To celebrate the impending launch, there’s also a new trailer showcasing the pre-order rewards, which can be found below. The PS4 and Xbox One ports of Stellaris launch on February 26, 2019.

Behold the enormity of space with procedurally generated galaxies with an untold number of planets to explore. Encounter a myriad of wild, wacky, and dangerous alien races who may prove to be crucial trade partners or conquering forces hellbent on enslaving your civilization. Take on strategic space warfare and resource management to ensure the survival and advancement of your empire. Explore scientific anomalies and uncover technological wonders throughout the galaxy to mercilessly utilize them toward your own gains. Govern your own fledgling population and secure your power and agenda through manipulating internal policies, factions, traditions and more.

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