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Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates revealed

Dates for Steam summer sale 2020

SteamDB has just revealed the dates for this year’s Steam Summer sale. The Steam summer sale for 2020 is right around the corner, due to start next month and run for two weeks. The sale begins on 10:00 AM on its start day and ends around the same time on its ending day. During that time Valve will debut a huge volume of discounts for many games on its Steam platform.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 will begin June 25 and it will go until July 9.  Steam Database’s Pavel Djundik has confirmed these dates by crawling through SteamDB updates, which is basically how these sales are always confirmed each year. In previous years the sale dates have been confirmed as well by PayPal leaking them via promotional materials.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderHalo: The Master Chief Collection, Mortal Kombat 11, and many more games could be on discount during Steam Summer Sale 2020, so now may be the best time to snatch them up.

Valve has not confirmed any details about the event. So things like if there will be any flash sales this year are still unknown. Personally, I don’t really like flash sales, as they’re just a mechanic to force users to constantly refresh Steam every few hours to see new prices. This leads to users potentially missing better discounts and to excess load on the servers.

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The Steam Summer Sale joins the likes of the Halloween sale as a themed event for PC gamers to both take advantage of discounts and earn prizes. The prizes are earned as part of a themed event that’s also part of each sale period. Valve has not revealed the details of the mini-game this year, but players can expect to earn badges and other cosmetic rewards by spending money during the sale and interacting with the community.

The Steam Summer Sale 2020 will be later joined by the Winter Sale later this year. These two events are the major time to buy PC games, so get your wallets ready. Head over to Steam this month and wishlist any games you may want to pick up. This will make it much easier to spotcheck prices when the sale begins.

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