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Star Wars Battlefront 2’s big update brings bigger changes to progression

Star Wars Battlefront II

The promised progression revamp for Star Wars Battlefront 2 hits next week, and it’s changing quite a few things.

The update lands on March 21, and one of it’s biggest elements revolves around the way progression will work post-patch. Starting with this update, and and all gameplay altering  items such as Star Cards will only be available via in-game rewards. Loot box rewards impacting gameplay are gone. Crates will be earned by logging in daily, through timed challenges and hitting milestones. The crates will contain items such as emotes and poses, or Credits.

And don’t worry, the update won’t wipe any earned progression or character XP from your accounts. So those items you already earned or paid for are kept in place.

Players will continue to earn hero XP through play as they have previously too. An additional update, slated for April, will add the ability to earn appearances through in-game Credits or purchasable Crystals through the store.

Since Star Wars Battlefront 2 has had such negative press around it’s predatory loot boxes, it makes sense that EA would finally understand that greed can sometimes come back to bite them. Now hopefully the new linear progression system can draw some of the alienated players back to the game.

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