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Second update to Fortnite 7.30 adds bottle rockets

Fortnite Brings Back Trios

Another week gone by, and that means another update to everyone’s favorite Battle Royale. Epic has just added back an old favorite LTM, Trios, but they’re not done with the content updates for 7.30 just yet. The newest patch has dropped in Fortnite and once again that means new items, locales and mechanics to goof around with.

The big boom of an addition this time around is a new explosive weapon, bottle rockets. These new thrown weapons are a massive cluster of booming fun.

The other major addition to the game world is the introduction small camp fire props all over the map. These props behave like the Cozy Campfire, healing 2 health per second for 25 seconds to all nearby players. These can be used only once per match though, making them a strategic resource, or a natural trap.

Trios isn’t the only new LTM being added to Fortnite either. This newest content update also includes a new limited-time mode. The new Wild West Duos marks the beginning of a new schedule for LTMs. Starting with this update, these special playlists will rotate every couple of days, allowing for many more playlists to be seen, giving more variety. The Wild West Duos has unvaulted the Revolver and the Double Barrel Shotgun for this mode, making for plenty of cowboy action.

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There was also some gameplay tweaks and changes included in the new patch. Chiller Grenades have had their audio adjusted, and drops for certain items like Dynamite or the Sneaky Snowman have been tweaked. Also, the Boombox has been vaulted as of this patch, sorry.

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