Pokemon Go’s Sinnoh Region Celebration Event, Featuring Shiny Riolu and Hippopotas

Pokemon Go

You now have the chance to start working toward earning encounters with Woobat in Pokémon Go by completing research tasks. You just have to complete a research task from PokéStops and finishing them once a day to receive the Woobat encounter on the seventh day, along with the new A Professor’s Work is Never Done special research. But let’s get to the meat of why you’re here the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Region Celebration.

Also later this month, a Sinnoh Region Celebration is going to happen that focuses on select Pokémon from the region, along with Riolu and Hippopotas, giving you an increased chance of finding the shiny versions of them. The Sinnoh Region Celebration starts on the 7th of February at 8 am and goes on until the 10th of February, at 10 pm in your local time. All the Pokémon that originated in the Sinnoh region will be highlighted during this event. That way, you will encounter them more often while out on your adventures.

These are the fourth generation of Pokémon, for all those wondering. Niantic has listed that you can earn Budew, Combee, Bronzor, Riolu, Mantyke, Hippopotas and Gible from seven-kilometer eggs during this time. You can reach out to trainers on your friend’s list to send you gifts during the time of the event to optimize on these eggs.

During the Sinnoh event, you can expect to see more Research tasks activating to make it easier to encounter these Pokémon. You might even get lucky enough to find a shiny version of Hippopotas and Riolu during the festivities. The exact details of how to increase your chances have not been revealed by Niantic, but they promise to disclose further information closer to the event. Hippopotas is a ground-type Pokémon that later evolves into Hippowdon (also a ground-type Pokémon) and Riolu is a fighting-type Pokémon that evolves into Lucario (a fighting and Steel-type Pokémon). Even if you don’t receive shiny versions of these Pokémons, they’re worthwhile to go after.

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If you want to get the most from this event, then you may want to stockpile on lure modules to place at PokéStops in your area, which will attract Pokémon to the location for 30 minutes. You could also start capturing local Gyms to help make it easier to catch any rai Pokémon that will show up.

The event begins today, so get out there and start hunting Trainers!

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