How to steal cars in BitLife

How to complete the Fast and Furious Challenge in BitLife

There are several ways you can go to jail in BitLife. If you’re attempting not to go to prison because of a challenge, it’s good to know your risk. You will want to know that the more expensive the reward, the higher the risk. A bunch of different crimes can be committed. Some are more lucrative than others, but challenges usually have certain goals. When you want to steal cars in BitLife, you should go for the cheapest cars when you want to avoid prison.

How to steal cars in BitLife

When stealing a car, choose the one with the lower quality option to get the least risk. The crimes with less involvement regarding your character increase your chances of not getting caught. When you want to steal cars, you need to go down to the Activities tab and click on Crimes. You can choose many things in this menu, with Grand Theft Auto being the one to steal cars.

Again, going for the lowest quality car to have the least chance of getting caught. If you’re trying to complete the Fast and Furious challenge, this is the best option to aim for. You can try to get a better car, but very expensive cars are very likely to see you getting caught.

How to sell stolen cars in BitLife

Once you successfully have the vehicle, you can find it under your character’s Assets tab. When you’re ready to pawn them off for cash, it’s time to sell the stolen cars. There are a few ways to sell cars. One gets more money, but the other is faster. You can choose to sell a stolen car online, which will get less cash, but be faster.

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When you want to get rid of the car, choose to sell it online for low-quality cars. There’s the chance that in the same year you stole it, you might not find a buyer. Hold onto it, maybe putting some money into repairing and maintaining it. You can usually turn a profit with this method. This is pretty low-risk of jail as well.

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