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Path of Exile Super Stash Sale and Fairgraves Mystery Box return

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

We covered the various Mystery Boxes previously, but for a quick refresher, here’s the idea. Grinding Gear Games has made the bread and butter of their monetization strategy for their flagship games cosmetic effects for skills, armour and the like, but these cosmetics can get pretty expensive. To alleviate that, GGG often packs a bunch of these into randomized loot boxes called Mystery Boxes, and rolls a new one out with a new theme during each patch cycle.

The Fairgraves Mystery Box was introduced in POE 3.5 alongside the Betrayal League patch and content.The box contained special cosmetic sets known as the Mystic, Corsair and Spectre themes. These themes could be combined together to create unique sets as well. Each set includes its own different them, echoing the iconic boss character from the ARPG with lost of ghostly and skeletal elements.

But that’s not all the company has planned for this weekend leading into the spookiest night of 2019. From now until October 28th, the cash shop for POE will offer a handful of deals on various Stash Tabs, making the last week of October the perfect time to treat yourself with some extra storage space.

As for the game itself, work is still ongoing with Path of Exile 3.9. The developer has teased a few elements of the upcoming expansion, but nothing concrete has been revealed yet, beyond a simple release announcement date. The company has also been working to improve performance in Blight League, releasing the 3.8.2 patch to address some ongoing concerns.

Path of Exile is out now and is free-to-play on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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