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Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Crafting and Implicit Mods Guide

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League

So the new league mechanics in Path of Exile 3.6, the Synthesis League, has been mixed among many of the players in POE. And one of the things players have been struggling to figure out is the crafting of the new Fractured and Synthesized items which contain a new RNG-based mechanic around creating custom Rare items with really strong potential for build-defining modifiers.

If you’re a new player and need help getting started in POE 3.6, don’t worry, we’ve got you. There’s a new players guide to POE that lays out the basics of playing this ARPG. If you want a POE 3.6 starter build, that’s here too. We’ve also got a guide about the basics of Synthesis League and the Memory Nexus if you want that. For you end-game farmers, we’ve even got a guide to mapping in Synthesis.

How Each Value is Determined on Synthesized Items

  • Base Type – Randomly chosen from one of the three.
  • Item Level – Takes the sum of all ILVLs on all three items, divides it by 3 to get final item level.
  • Implicits – Randomly chosen from ALL mods on your items that you put in.
  • Implicit Values – The tier of the potential roll is determined by the combined Tiers across ALL items.

All of this means that it’s really hard to predict what the result will be, although some community members, like on the POE Reddit, have begun piecing the puzzle together.

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesized Items Primer

Source: PDonz on Reddit

If you really want the secret sauce to this recipe, I have a bit of bad news, it will take a serious amount of time invested to get the perfect set of item modifiers that you want. You’ll need to source out the base types you want, so that might mean farming three Fractured items of the same base type to maximize usefulness for your build.

Here’s the basics of how the system appears to work, and how to game it:

  1. Pick a base type and put in three of the right base to guarantee the base you want.
  2. Ensure the highest item level of the three is of the right item level to roll the mod tiers you need.
  3. Implicits are averaged across the number of Fractured mods, so try to have items with the highest number of desired Fractured mods
  4. Determine your desired Synthesized mods, and roll the dice, hoping you get what you want.
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Don’t fret too much about the reliance on RNG, there’s actually a way to guarantee Implicit modifiers, check down below for that.

There’s actually a pretty extensive list of Synthesized mods, go check that out on POEDB to see what modifiers each base type can potentially roll. If you just want to experiment with potential mod rolls, mostly to plan out crafting sessions out-of-game, the player community has created a really great tool for calculating Synthesized item results.

How to Guarantee A Synthesized Implicit

  1. Use the POEDB link above to figure out what base/mod combo you want, this will narrow down the mod pools that can roll if you restrict yourself to one mod type. Look for the affix first, then determine suffixes you want to match it with. If you want +minimum frenzy charges, you need to look for “#% increased attribute requirements” on shields.
  2. Next, look for all other rows which have that mod requirement on the desired item class. In our example, the only other row is “+10-12 attributes”, which also uses “#% increased attribute requirements” on shields. Now, look at the numbers on the right column of these rows. These numbers are the thresholds you have to EXCEED to guarantee the needed mod gets rolled on the next tier. So do the math for your needed mod to figure out how much combined rolls you need on your three items to roll a desired Tier.
  3. Apply Scouring, Regal and Annulment Orbs to ALL of your Fractured items until only the Fractured Mods you need to guarantee your desired Implicit remain. So in this example, get down to just the desired values for “#% increased attribute requirements”.


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