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When does the Jungle Awakens DLC release for Minecraft Dungeons?

Jungle Awakens DLC

Good news Minecraft Dungeons fans, Mojang has announced the first of the post-launch DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. The Jungle Awakens DLC is coming soon. We don’t know too much about it yet though, as it was just revealed. The DLC introduces a brand new Jungle-based region complete with new mobs and treasure to hunt.

There are two DLC packs planned for this game, with another to likely be released later in 2020. No idea what the second DLC has in it. It could follow the Jungle Awakens DLC example and bring new artifacts, missions and more to the game.

As for price on the new Jungle Awakens DLC, it’s a bit of a mystery as well. Players will likely end up paying around $5 USD, maybe $10 at the most. It wouldn’t make sense to charge much more than that. The new DLC will include new levels, loot and mobs to fight. And judging by the name we’re going to be adventuring in a new jungle biome and some jungle temples. Also, if you bought the Hero Edition, you get the Hero Pass DLC Content, which includes this and one more DLC pack.

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The game is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game exploded onto the scene, bringing ARPG run to the world of Minecraft. With Minecraft Dungeons,  Fans got their unique gameplay style with tons of hunting for gear and killing mobs. It’s a really fun game so getting some DLC to extend the life of the game will make fans happy.

If you’re looking for more things to do in this game, there’s plenty. You could learn how to unlock secret areas like the Soggy Caves or the Underhalls. If you have questions about which platforms the game is on, it’s in many different places. There’s no mobile port, but there could be soon. If you’re a completionist you might want to check out the achievements in Minecraft Dungeons.

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