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Path of Exile 3.16 announces reworks to flask and ailments

Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge

Path of Exile 3.16 is known as Scourge, and it’s going to be a big expansion. Grinding Gear Games already teased a major plan to rework the endgame, following fan backlash from the disastrous 3.15 nerfs. Players really hated having a bunch of their builds and playstyles changed and nerfed into the ground, for obvious reasons. Path of Exile 3.16 will be addressing that in many different ways.

In a three-part preview of their balance plans, GGG has revealed the first section, a Path of Exile 3.16 flask and ailment rework. This deals with one of the core complaints players had about the last patch, that flasks had been nerfed into uselessness in some cases. Combined with that the drastic nerfs to many skills, and playstyles were slowed way down. This drastic departure from the zoomy gameplay of previous expansions drove players away in droves.

Utility Flasks and more

One of the bigger shifts is that the developers are tweaking Flask effects on the whole. Utility Flasks now have modifiers that grant Immunity to an Ailment during Flask Effect but lessen the duration of the Flask. The developers are also adding in tons of new options aside from flasks to help with this. Now, the nerfs shouldn’t feel as severe. In addition to the Path of Exile 3.16 flask and ailment changes being applied to flasks, many skills have now been given some level of mitigation.

Life and Mana flasks are also getting unique modifiers to help increase their usefulness, without making them too powerful. Instant-recovery Life Flasks are getting their healing-per-second rate doubled as well, super useful.

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And it’s not just flasks and passives, Pantheon powers are being retooled too. The crafting system also gets new modifiers in the mod pool to make other options available. It’s clear that GGG doesn’t want things to get too crazy though, as they have adjusted passives and skills to prevent players from being too OP in terms of defense.

Flask Tiers

Flask modifiers for Magic items are often outclassed in power by Unique options. The expansion will ddd multiple tiers to most Flask modifiers. At higher levels, Flasks now have much more powerful effects available. This will allow lesser-used defensive layers to get new scaling and options for gear, although not too a super-high degree. Crafting and the use of the Enkindling Orbs will be made more powerful with the addition of more focus on levels in this patch, too. Even more flask modifiers are added to Belts, offering another layer of crafting options to builds.

You can find the full details on the POE site.

Source: GGG

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