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How to Make Arrows in New World

Where to find petrified wood in New World

Ranged fighters need ammo in RPGs. With a low-magic system such as the one in New World, that often means the likes of shot and arrows will be commonly needed. Arrows in New World are very important for any ranged character, so they can be a good money spinner if you can make enough of them. Besides just arrows, you can also use the Workshop to craft bullets, muskets, bows, tools, and more. But for this guide, we’re going over the basics of arrows and giving you a few recipes to work with.

To make arrows in New World, you will need to find the town’s Worksop. Open up your map by pressing M and look for the workshop icon. You need to head to a Workshop to actually make the arrows, so get into the habit of memorizing where these places are located.

There are five types of arrows in the game, they are as follows:

  • Flint Arrow
  • Iron Arrow
  • Steel Arrow
  • Starmetal Arrow
  • Orichalcum Arrow

Each class of arrow is crafted using Engineering Skill, making farming arrow production a good way to get a few levels. The type of arrow that you will use the most until you level up your character is probably going to be iron Arrows, but you will likely need to know how to make all of them at some point. Flint will only be used at the most basic levels, so it’s very easy to make.

  • 5 Flint
  • 2 Green Wood
  • 3 Feathers
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Iron Arrows in New World will be your staple for most of the game. Timber is a bit of a trial to get. You need a ready supply of Lumber for starters. This is an item that requires Woodworking level 50 to create, and is refined from Wood of any kind. Once you have Lumber combine it with Coarse Sandpaper, found in Supply Containers in zones level 38 and below.

  • 4 Iron Ingot
  • 2 Timber
  • 3 Feathers

Steel Arrows get even more fun. Getting the steel in ready supply to make them can be pretty difficult, but once you have a good source of Green Wood for Charcoal and the Iron in good stock, you should be fine.

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