How to complete the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in BitLife

The weekly challenge of Bitlife is here for this week, and things are getting hot and spicy. And no you pervs, we’re talking about cooking. You’re taking on the task of taking after the legendary Gordon Ramsay, and building your digital life as a famous chef. This challenge is a pretty big one, but not too hard. Learn all the steps you need to get done to finish off the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in BitLife and earn a unique reward.

How to complete the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in BitLife

Here are the tasks you need to finish to get this challenge done:

Being born in the UK is pretty simple. Just pick the country and make a male character. You don’t need to be born in Scotland, like Gordon really was. So just grab a city like London and you’re good to begin.

Becoming a solid soccer player is the first hard step in the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in BitLife. You need to focus on getting into the soccer team as soon as you can. When you’re in Middle School, choose to play Soccer as a sport via the School tab. Then, keep that up in High School. As long as you have a good Health and Smarts stat,  you should be asked to be Team Captain after a few years on the team. To keep your stats up, go to the gym via the Mind&Body section of the Activities tab often. When you get promoted to Team Captain, you can rest easy. Most of the time, you will be given a soccer scholarship for college.

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Go into college and take any degree. Here, if you haven’t gotten famous yet, you can still work on that. Use social media accounts via the Assets tab to help you grow bigger in the digital world. Once you get your degree, focus on finding a job listed with the Chef career via the Occupations tab. If you can’t get one to spawn, reset the app or age up and try again. Then, once you’re a chef, just work hard at your job and keep growing on social media until you become famous.

Once you’ve finally become famous, it’s time to build your brand. Click on the fame menu at the bottom of the main screen, and you will be presented with various options. There will be options for writing autobiographies, as well as appearing on talk shows. You can’t spam the appearances, unfortunately, you need to get them over the course of a few years. Keep an eye on your Fame meter, and make sure to do things like appearing in commercials to keep it up.

Wrapping up, insulting a coworker is pretty easy. Click on the Occupations tab, then select a coworker. You will have various options to choose from, with one of them being to insult them. You can insult as many coworkers as you want, as long as you hit that 25 threshold.

And with that, you will have completed the Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in BitLife.

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