Where to find Loach Pearl in Genshin Impact

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There are several different rare and hard-to-find items in Genshin Impact. One of these many items is the Loach Pearl in Genshin Impact. There’s a lot of things to look for, and this is just one of them. These pearls can be used for a variety of crafting recipes, so it’s a pretty good idea to find some. These can be found as a drop from the Golden Loach, a type of lizard that can be found in Liyue, so let’s get into the details.

To get these, you want to chase down the lizards found in a certain area. You’re after the mobs called the Golden Loaches, which will try to flee when you find them, Chase them down and interact with them to claim the pearls. These lizards look like the strange axolotl, in case you want a visual guide on what to look for, go look that up.

Where to find Loach Pearl in Genshin Impact

Loach pearls can be found in Bishui Plains, notably around Dihua Marsh and Stone Gate. The pearls are obtained by chasing loach, which like lizards, can be caught by chasing them down and using the interact button. You will have to chase down the mobs that drop these, although they’re usually found in a very specific area of the map.

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Start in Stone Gate nearby to Wuwang Hill, and then you want to move along the road to the south toward that chain of islands. When you reach the Dihua Marsh Statue of the Seven you will have went through all five spawns found in the area. You can rerun the route later by returning to the fast travel point to the south and running north.

Use the map below to find the exact spawn locations. Look for the blue dots to know where to look.

Where to find Loach Pearl in Genshin Impact

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