No Man’s Sky: How to get a Quantum Computer & Magnetic Resonator

How to find the colossal archive buildings in No Man’s Sky

The new crafting materials in the Origins update in No Man’s Sky are pushing players into some new realms of exploration. There’s some new technology and a ton of Artifacts to find, so get into the swing of things, and get moving.

New recipes must be obtained from manufacturing facilities. You will have to go through the process of finding them. Trouble is, you need to find the Blueprint for these new items. Just like with the other items in the rest of the Origins update, you’re going to have to take some time to hunt down the right sites. Which means you’re basically repeating the process from finding the colossal archives.

That means heading to a cartographer and grabbing Planetary Charts. Trigger these in a system until you get Secure Site spawns. These Secure Site beacons lead to manufacturing facilities, which are the sources for new Blueprints. You will want to come down guns blazing, because these sites are guarded by angry Sentinels aplenty.

Colossal Archive Building in No Man's Sky

Magnetic Resonators

Magnetic Resonators can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:
Magnetised Ferrite x40 + Ionised Cobalt x40 → Magnetic Resonator

Magnetised Ferrite can be found in resource sites, or crafted in a Refiner with a pair of Pure Ferrite. Look for the large blue crystal minerals on many planets, these are a reliable source of Cobalt. Refine that into Ionised Cobalt.

And just like any other material, it can be used to make a bunch of important tech. Here’s what the Magnetic Resonators can be used to build:

  • Fragment Supercharger — Magnetic Resonator x3 + Wiring Loom x2 → Fragment Supercharger
  • Geology Cannon — Magnetic Resonator x1 + Wiring Loom x1 → Geology Cannon
  • Launch System Recharger — Antimatter x5 + Magnetic Resonator x2 + Wiring Loom x2 → Launch System Recharger
  • Matter Beam — Antimatter x5 + Magnetic Resonator x3 + Wiring Loom x10 → Matter Beam
  • Reality De-threader — Indium x250 + Magnetic Resonator x1 + Antimatter Housing x6 → Reality De-threader
  • Shell Greaser — Magnetic Resonator x1 + Wiring Loom x1 → Shell Greaser
  • Sub-Light Amplifier — Magnetic Resonator x3 + Platinum x100 + Tritium x200 → Sub-Light Amplifier
  • Survey Device — Magnetic Resonator x3 + Quantum Computer x1 + Wiring Loom x2 → Survey Device
  • Temporal Warp Computer — Warp Hypercore x1 + Magnetic Resonator x2 + Indium x250 → Temporal Warp Computer
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You can get Magnetic Resonators from any space station. Just head to the Scrap Dealer on any space station and purchase Old Scrap by the boatload. Come loaded with Pugneum, as it’s the only payment these particular vendors want.

How to Get Quantum Computers

You can use them in a bunch of recipes, all of which can be useful in different applications. There are ship upgrades and other tools you can make with them, so you want plenty of Quantum Computers on hand.

Quantum Computer can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:
Microprocessor x1 + Antimatter x1 + Chromatic Metal x25 → Quantum Computer

Microprocessors are found from a variety of sources. Here’s the full recipe list of each possible combination. Antimatter can be crafted, or found via freighters and Antimatter Reactors. Chromatic Metal can be combined with any of the Metals in a variety of ways, Find the full recipe list here.

You can use Quantum Computers to make the following items:

  •  Amplified Warp Shielding  — Warp Hypercore x1 + Quantum Computer x2 + Cadmium x250 →  Amplified Warp Shielding
  •  Holographic Analyser  — Quantum Computer x1 + Gold x50 →  Holographic Analyser
  • Optical Drill  —  Wiring Loom x5 + Quantum Computer x3  +  Solar Mirror x3 →  Optical Drill
  •  Oxygen Rerouter  — Chromatic Metal x100 + Quantum Computer x1  +  Crystal Sulphide x6 →  Oxygen Rerouter
  •  Pulse Spitter Ricochet Module  — Solar Mirror x1 + Quantum Computer x1  +  Wiring Loom x1 →  Pulse Spitter Ricochet Module
  •  Q-Resonator  —  Hydraulic Wiring x3  + Quantum Computer x1 + Wiring Loom x2 →  Q-Resonator
  •  Superior Translator  — Wiring Loom x2  + Quantum Computer x1 + Chromatic Metal x50 →  Superior Translator
  •  Survey Device  — Magnetic Resonator x3  + Quantum Computer x1 + Wiring Loom x2 →  Survey Device
  •  Warp Core Resonator  — Cadmium x250 + Quantum Computer x1 + Antimatter Housing x4 →  Warp Core Resonator

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