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Uncharted movie pushed to March 2021


The Uncharted film adaptation has not had a smooth ride at all. After years of production delays, departures of key staff and other problems, many question whether the film will be made at all. The film has quietly been in the works for more than a decade, and little progress has been made.

The Uncharted film adaptation has previously lost multiple directors, when David O. Russell left the film in 2011 over “creative differences.” After several more delays, another director was brought on. Travis Knight left the project in 2019. Then there were writer swaps as Neil Burger was brought in to pen a new script, before departing themselves in 2014. Around this same time, David Guggenheim produced a script, which would have been directed by Seth Gordon. Both have since left as well.

According to Deadline (as per VG24/7) Sony Pictures has decided to push the troubled film production once again. This puts the movie’s release date back from December 18, 2020 until March 5, 2021–adding more trouble to the beleaguered film adaptation. This latest delay is giving three months for  star Tom Holland to complete his filming obligations with the ongoing Spider-Man project.

Tom Holland is set to play Nathan Drake and star in the film, so they don’t have a film to shoot without him. Mark Whalberg will be playing Sully, the companion to Drake. Sully is a mentor and father figure of fellow treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and having a more comedic actor in the role could help add some needed charm. Hopefully the film doesn’t suffer anymore delays.

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