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Pokémon Sword and Shield has a new Max Raid Battle water event for Wailord

New Max Raid Battle water event live

The new Max Raid Battle water event in Pokémon Sword and Shield is live. If you’re looking to keep cool in this Summer heat, why not stay inside and hunt some shiny Pokémon. And though you probably shouldn’t go the beach right now and hit the waves, you can hunt down some digital water with this new event.

The biggest bonus for the new Max Raid Battle water event in Pokémon Sword and Shield includes a Shiny spawn and some other bonuses. Be sure to head out in the Wild Area and start hunting down some Water-type Pokémon. The event will spawn as the “Event Den – Sea Pokemon Invasion” in-game.

The roster additions for the new event focus almost entirely on Water-type Pokémon. Wailmer, Krabby, Pyukumuke, Frillish, Matyke and Sharpedo all get some time in the spotlight, and of course, their evolved forms are also part of the increased spawns during the event.

The big focus with this event is the new set of four-star rarity spawns featuring some of the following: Wailord, Kingler, Pyukumuku, Jellicent, Mantine and Sharpedo. There are also a bunch of five-star Raids, one of which includes a guaranteed Shiny Wailord spawn.

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