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Nintendo releases trailers for Switch multiplayer and new 2DS XL

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Nintendo is on a sort of pre-E3 roll this week with multiple announcements for their platforms. We already covered the announcement of the feature set and release date of Nintendo Switch Online, but the Japanese company wasn’t done hyping that just yet. They’re releasing, among other trailers, a new promotional trailer for the Summer season that’s pushing multiplayer pretty hard.

As for the other trailer, the focus is all a new handheld games console from Nintendo. We know that Nintendo’s new president is planning to pivot towards new markets with a mobile-centric strategy, but that doesn’t mean the company is giving up on their stalwart product lines. The new 2DS XL supports all the existing DS library, including popular franchises like the Mario games and Smash Bros.

Each trailer targets a different market segment, but all three have a central theme of summer fun.

Check out all three of the new trailers below.

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