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How to turn on chat filters in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Adding Ghost Face

Dead By Daylight has improved a lot since the start of The Realm Beyond, the latest content update to the asymmetrical multiplayer game. Dead by Daylight may be a horror game, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a horrifying experience. The developer has been working on making things more welcoming for new players. There’s one area that could use more work.

The inclusion of chat filters in Dead by Daylight is a pretty nice thing. Competitive games like this often get kind of heated. The insults and bigoted language that might be common in online games are being targeted in the game’s community. As stated in a recent blog post, these types of comments “do not have a place within our game, or community.”

“In an effort to curb toxic interactions, Dead by Daylight will soon include a Chat Filter feature. It will filter out and blur racist, sexist, or overtly offensive comments that do not have a place within our game, or community.”

Behaviour Interactive has also announced plans to make other areas of the game more open and accessible. The team is making a colorblind mode—something that fans have wanted for some time—as part of a new push to make the game more open to more players. The UI and in-game effects are not too accommodating to some players who might have to deal with visual disabilities or other issues, this new mode will help alleviate that.

the total update is called The Realm Beyond. This new project aims to revamp the game in a variety of ways, which also includes graphical updates and map reworks for the game. Gameplay and visual clarity are closely related when it comes to making things fun. The chat filters and other additions will help with that.

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