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How to Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense

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All Star Tower Defense is one of the many different anime-influenced games on Roblox. The goal is to fight off enemy hordes with a team of powerful anime heroes. A new mechanic has added some new stuff for players to mess around with. The ability to Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense can allow you to unlock new special units. This tower defense game can offer many different units to take into battle. The summoning portals in the game can help you improve your army. Here’s what to do.

How to Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense

Here are the steps to sacrifice units in All Star Tower Defense:

  1. Go to the summoning area and find the purple light beam.
  2. Walk into the beam to teleport to the sacrifice portals.
  3. Go to the sacrifice portal, and open your inventory while nearby.
  4. Click on any unit you want to sacrifice, and then click on the red sacrifice button.

Each time you choose to sacrifice for a unit, there’s many possible options. Some are more powerful than others.

Head into the summoning area and choose a unit you no longer need. When you have weaker units, you have the potential to get an upgraded unit back. The sacrifice can be weighted towards certain units, but it’s unclear that the results can be. The premise seems to be that the more powerful the unit sacrificed, the better the unit you get back. This most likely means that you need to put in five-star units to get the best ones back.

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That’s how you Sacrifice in All Star Tower Defense.

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