How to make a Smithing Table in Minecraft’s Nether Update

How to make a Smithing Table in Minecraft

The Smithing Table is a new addition in Minecraft following the Nether Update. With a Smithing Table in Minecraft, you can create the toolset of a true champion adventurer. That means the new Netherite tools will be unlocked for you when you are able to gather the resources to make them. Getting the Netherite itself involves gathering up Ancient Debris, which is a pretty tough task. Once you have a small supply though, be sure to make the Table.

You will require two different ingredients for this project: two iron ingots and four of any planks. You need a few different resources aside from the Netherite Ingots as well. There’s the four planks for starters, but luckily they don’t need to match. You just need four plank blocks of any kind. Once you have that, you just need the two Netherite Ingots and you’re golden. Arrange them like the picture above and you will be able to create a Smithing Table in Minecraft.

Having Netherite is a huge upgrade in terms of durability compared to iron and other resources. It’s even more durable than diamond thanks to its source. For example, a Netherite sword or other tool can literally float on lava blocks, whereas other tools would be incinerated.

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And in case you were wondering what you need the Smithing Table in Minecraft for, it’s primarily for the new Netherite Tools and gear. You can make the following Netherite tools at the Smithing Table:

  • Netherite Sword
  • Netherite Pickaxe
  • Netherite Axe
  • Nethertie Shovel
  • Netherite Hoe
  • Netherite Helmet
  • Netherite Chestplate
  • Netherite Leggings
  • Netherite Boots
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