How to release Slurp into the atmosphere in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

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There are some very weird challenges going on in Fortnite. Epic has implemented the next set of new in-game challenges that makes players complete various tasks for XP and other rewards. The week 4 challenges for the XP Xtravaganza are now live and one of the challenges requires players to release Slurp into the atmosphere. Sounds like a plotline right out of Futurama or something. Anyway, let’s get down to how to complete this challenge.

To do this challenge, you can pretty much find Slurp all over the map, but there’s one section of the map, in particular, that’s the best for it.

How to release Slurp into the atmosphere in Fortnite

There are three things to look for when it comes to finding the actual Slurp. Around the Swamp, you will find one of three things:

  • Small Slurp canisters
  • Slurp delivery trucks
  • Slurp storage vats

These are all metal objects that have giant slurp logos on them. Just look for the green slime logo and you’ve found Slurp. Go around with your harvesting tool and start smashing. You need to release a certain amount of this goo into the air to complete the challenge. This means you will want to head to the Slurpy Swamp POI, as there are containers of this stuff everywhere.

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Find three barrels of Slurp and break them with your harvesting tool, that will complete the first tier. To complete this challenge, you must destroy one storage vat of Slurp, three barrels of Slurp, and then finally, destroy one Slurp delivery truck. This should complete the challenge.

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