How to Mine Gold in Minecraft


Being a huge and open world with infinite potential and a modding scene, Minecraft is massive. With all the crafting in Minecraft, there’s just too much detail for a new player to learn all at once. Keeping track of recipes, enchantments, mob drops and so much more is a hassle. And that’s why Minecraft guides are a thing.  This guide is going to cover how to find a surprising useful ore.

Gold in Minecraft might not be the best weapon or tool material in the world, but it still has plenty of uses. Players will make use of it for artistry at minimum, but it’s more than that. It actually is useful for weapons of limited durability, Gold has a much higher damage rating than Iron, just much less durable. So some players like to go hunting for it.

Every ore type in the game spawns either underground in the Overworld, or from certain sources in the various dimensions in the base game. Each of these Ores requires a certain type of Pickaxe to mine them. In today’s guide, I will show you how to mine Gold in Minecraft.

How to Mine Gold in Minecraft

You need at least an Iron Pickaxe to mine gold. If you use anything like a Stone or Wooden one, you won’t get the raw ore, and will lose the block. Diamond and Netherite will mine it the fastest, in about half a second. Other less picks take 1 second or more to break the block, depending on the variety.

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There are actually two variants of the ore, the basic one, and Deepslate gold ore. Deepslate gold ore is a variant of gold ore that can generate in deepslate and tuff blobs. Deepslate gold ore is harder to find, and thus more useful for certain things. The tougher variant has a hardness value of 4.5, compared to the hardness of 3 for basic gold. For comparisons, Blocks of Diamond have a hardness value of 5. All Deepslate ore varieties carry this improve hardness.

You can also find gold bars and nuggets in chests, commonly found inside dungeons and mine shafts. These can be useful for trading to Piglins for other drops.

There are plenty other rare drops to mine for as well, like Amethyst Geodes. This and gold can craft some very pretty projects, so get digging.

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