Basics of driving in MotoGP 22

How to brake and change gears in MotoGP 22

Taking corners on a bike is very different compared to a car. The physics involved are much more unforgiving, and not knowing how to take corners or inclines at the right angle and speed can be the death of a racer. The video game version of MotoGP is a lot more forgiving though. Sure, you can still crash, but there are lots of ways to avoid that. The game gives you a bunch of assist options inside the menus to help you handle cornering, braking and more. You can tune the racing experience to your liking. But some skills are still vital, and you need them to be a good racer. This guide will cover two of the most basic ones.

Having the ability to brake and change gears in MotoGP 22 effectively is pretty important. Let this guide explain some of the basics for you.

How to brake in MotoGP 22

One of the most important skills in racing is keeping your line. The proper racing line is key to victory as it allows optimal use of both turning and acceleration. That can make all the difference in a tight race. Applying the brake at the right time heading into a corner will help you a lot in taking the corner just right, and not running too wide. Having the buttons you need to press memorized is the first step.

To brake in MotoGP 22, press LT on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X controller. PS4 and PS5 owners should use L2. Switch players have the ZL button on the JoyCon to brake with.

Once you have the button committed to memory, it’s all about learning timing. Judging speed and the amount of force you need to take a corner correctly is a matter of experience. You can turn on racing lines in the assist options to help judge this.

The racing line will turn from blue to orange when you need to slow down, and red to indicate that you need to slow down a lot more. Also, you will get a red popup that indicates when you need to hit the brakes as well. The line itself will help you guide your way through a turn, stick to it.

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How to change gears in MotoGP 22

Like with braking, changing gears is a critical part of any racing game. You could have the game handle it with assist options, but where’s the fun in that. You need to be able to corner by slowing down aggressively sometimes, and that’s impossible if you’re going too fast. You can set shifting to automatic in the in-game menus, and the computer will handle shifting entirely for you. You also have the option to use semi-automatic, where the CPU can take over if you don’t push the button yourself. Setting this feature to manual means that you must handle all of your own shifting.

The control schemes will vary by platform, but the core concept is generally the same. You have one button for shifting up, and another for downshifting. Pressing up in the gears will allow for higher speeds, but often leads to a loss of fine control to some degree. it’s a measure of your skill as a driver to shift at the right times heading into turns or straightaways.

Here are the buttons you need to know when you want to change gears in MotoGP 22. To shift down, tap X (for Xbox), Square (for PlayStation), or Y (for Nintendo Switch) on the controller. To shift up, hit B (for Xbox), Circle (for PlayStation), or A (for Nintendo Switch).

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