How to join a band in BitLife

How to join a band in BitLife

You may not be musically talented enough to join a band in the real world, but there is a way around that, if you join a band in BitLife. Among the myriad life choices in the mobile life sim, players can live out their dreams of being a rockstar. Or maybe you prefer something more classic. Either way, if you want to live out the life of touring and fan, this is how you do that in CandyWriter’s game.

Just like doing it in real life, doing it in this game takes a lot of time. The first thing you need to do to band in BitLife is learn how to play an instrument.  You can play a few different instruments and you just need to practice. The game will track your skill for each instrument as you play it throughout your digital life. So, get practicing and as you grow up, you will get better.

To start, get to age 6 and visit the Mind & Body tab, you will have an option to practice multiple instruments via music lessons. Here are the ones you should focus on for this task. You can choose one or several, depending on what you want to do.

  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard

Once you have picked the instrument you would like to play, keep practicing. You will need to put some serious time into getting better to get your skill up. Keep at those lessons too, they really help skill up faster. As you gain more skill, you will sometimes be notified of a band looking for players.

You will want to focus on getting decent grades in school as well, in case you have to fall back on college and decide to go a different route. This is useful as music lessons can be pretty expensive, running from $500 to $1,500, so have some cash.

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When you age up to 18, bands may start to recruit you. You can check this if you go to Jobs option under Occupation and look what’s there related to musical careers. Look for the Musician tab and see what’s there. You can also manually apply to join a band in this same menu. If there are no valid offers to join a band, check the menu again when you age up.

Finding Success

When there is an offer there, the band name and genre will be listed on the Musician menu for actively recruiting bands. From there, you need to undertake an audition with the band to join up. Depending on how good you are, this will affect your chances of getting a job. The better you are and less popular the band is, the more likely you are to get a job. It may be worthwhile to wait for a decently popular band to audition for, as you can use the extra time to improve your skill. The bonus here is that you can earn more money.

When you do land a job, make sure to use the “Work Harder” option that can be found under your Job. This will allow you to speed up the process of working for the band, potentially earning new ranks and job titles.

You can also make media appearances in magazines to boost your fame once you do get a job. You could also focus on building your social media presence as well. Both of these getting attention will help grow your personal following and that of your band. This should translate to more cash.

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