How to Get and Remove Roommates in Happy Home Paradise

What's Coming in Happy Home Paradise

Having fun with your new animal friends in Animal Crossing has been a great time for many fans. But for many players, features have been missing from previous games. Many abandoned the new game quickly as they got tired of basically the same stuff. Now, with the new DLC and 2.0.0 content, there’s actually stuff to do. Players are returning in droves, and have a lot of questions.

The Happy Home Paradise DLC has added a lot to the game. The crux of the new DLC is building vacation homes for many new villagers. You get paid in Poki for each one you build and decorate, you can then turn that into Bells and new items. It’s a lot of fun. And don’t forget about the other stuff you can build as well. Along with the new Pro Construction permit, there’s a lot more stuff to build as well. With all those new bridges and inclines, you’re going to need Bells to fund them. That’s where the Donation Box in Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes in.

Another element of the DLC is the ability to have roommates in these new homes. There’s also a way to remove them, because even in Animal Crossing, finding the perfect roommate can be hard.

How to Unlock Roommates in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Now, you can move in with a Happy Home Paradise roommate. The roommates in ACNH need to be unlocked before they will move in with you. You need to build a few homes first to get the event to trigger. After you have built a few homes on the vacation island, a previous guest should show up in the office. You will then be asked about getting them a Happy Home Paradise roommate.

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You can then choose where they move to, and who they room with. You can use Amiibo cards to scan in a new villager, and use them as a roommate.

How to Remove Roommates in Animal Crossing New Horizons

You don’t need to go through some long process of waiting for thought bubbles to happen to do this, which is great. To remove roommates in ACNH, you just need to visit them and ask them to get out. You need to head to the home they’re living in, and speak to them. There will be an option that asks them to move out.

That’s all you need to know about roommates in ACNH.

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